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Chilling Tales from Derbyshire: Present-day Experiences of the Paranormal

Chilling Tales from Derbyshire: Present-day Experiences of the Paranormal

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A collection of real live experiences witnessed by people as they have been going about their lives in Derbyshire as told to Netty.Have you had a ghostly experience in Glossop? Or maybe an Angel in Ambergate? You would be amazed at how many people have.

Throughout the book you will also find explanations of why these occurrences happen and what they could mean, giving you a real insight into the paranormal world.

Whether you are a Skeptic or a believer, you will certainly enjoy reading these scary stories, which have all occurred in the magnificent, if not slightly scary county of Derbyshire. Could Derbyshire really be the ghost capital of the country?

Sit back, enjoy the stories and decide for yourself. Just don't have nightmares!Thnis is a chilling collection of tales from the residents of Derbyshire.

About the Author

LYNETTE LEEK'S work as a celebrity psychic medium, life coach and metaphysical tutor has led her to have a reputation for thinking outside the box.

She is a regular psychic and guest speaker on both Satellite TV and BBC Radio and has written her own column as a psychic agony aunt for two national magazines.

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