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John West

Britain's Ghostly Heritage

Britain's Ghostly Heritage

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First Published : April 2022.   

ISBN: 978-17809-16170

eISBN - 9781781563267

In Britain’s Haunted Heritage writer John West thrilled readers with his excellent collection of stories featuring ghostly apparitions, among which were spectral materialisations of Roman soldiers, hooded monks and even, on one particular occasion - a phantom butterfly.

In this second volume, John brings us further thrilling tales including Edinburgh Castle with its spectral inhabitants, the ghosts of St. Albans in Hertfordshire, Jack the Ripper, a spectral mummy in London, a Suffolk time slip, Welsh phantoms and York, which is widely considered to be the most haunted city in Britain. This volume is brimful of exciting stories of the paranormal from myriad locations across the length and breadth of the British Isles.

Introduced by Stewart P. Evans, one of the world’s leading authorities on the infamous Jack the Ripper murders of 1888, John West has gathered together a fabulous collection of spine-tingling tales that are expertly researched and beautifully presented with his effortless style that evokes a combination of atmosphere, time and place. A must read.

 Jason Figgis, Film Director, Dublin


Publicity and Reviews:

Meet the ghost hunter exposing St Albans' most 'haunted' spots in a new book - HertsLive

John is the author of two books about the history of ghosts in Britain (Image: John West). With a collection of 4,000 books in his library, 600 of them being ghost-related, John turned to writing                                                  


Where are some of the most haunted places in Suffolk? | East Anglian Daily Times

“Dunwich is an especially haunted place, and there are tales of people in medieval clothing being seen on the beach, lights dancing around the cliffs and ghostly monks wandering around.                                                                   


Stories to Screen (Anchor FM) interviewJohn West by STORIES2SCREEN (

Radio London 15 mins into it

Radio Cambs around 8.25. 

Psychic News - See images 2 and 3. "This is John West's superb sequel to "Britain's Haunted Heritage"

Daily Mirror

"Monstrous 30ft ghosts and clashing spirit armies are just some of the terrifying phantoms haunting landmarks across Scotland, according to a paranormal investigator. John West, 54, has toured the country to compile a catalogue of chilling experiences for his new book, Britain's Haunted Heritage.

The folklore expert has compiled two books on ghosts after visiting Edinburgh and its spooky surrounds. He said Scotland is particularly rife with the supernatural and spectres, calling it the "most-haunted part of the UK", due to its history of war and plagues."

The Scottish Sun

"A GHOST hunter has warned terrifying centuries-old spectres haunt famous landmarks across Scotland. John West, 54, has compiled a catalogue of hair-raising encounters after touring the country searching for spooks."

The SunPrince Charles once fled from a ghost at Sandringham, new book claims (

"SCARE TO THE THRONE Prince Charles once fled from a ghost at Sandringham, new book claims"

Christmas cards move on mantlepieces, doors open on their own, lights turn on and off, and eerie footsteps have been reported at the Queen’s Norfolk retreat, according to Britain’s Ghostly Heritage by John West.

A young Charles and a footman were also said to have once fled in terror from the library after a deathly cold descended and they felt someone was behind them.

The Daily JournalPrince Charles fled from a ghost at Sandringham | Arts & Entertainment |

Yorkshire Post

Haunted York: The ghostly goings on at Micklegate Bar, Theatre Royal and Treasurer's House in 'most haunted city in Europe'. Author and history enthusiast John West has published a book on the country’s ghostly heritage - and it includes a chapter dedicated to York. Laura Reid speaks to him.

The Daily RecordScotland is 'most haunted country in UK' and rife with the supernatural and spectres - Daily Record

Scotland is 'most haunted country in UK' and rife with the supernatural and spectres
Author John West shares a catalogue of chilling experiences in his new book Britain's Haunted Heritage.

BBC Radio York -

About the Author

John West was born in London. He first became interested in ghosts as a child when he discovered his mother's collection of paperbacks on the supernatural. He was immediately drawn to the strange cover illustrations of phantom ladies, ruined castles and sinister shadows and was doubly spellbound by the frightening stories contained within.

Over the next few years, John devoured every book on ghosts that he could find and this, in turn, led to him visiting many alleged haunted places across the UK.


 For more about John please see his 'Meet Our Authors' page

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