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Simon Marland

Bolton Wanderers : the Complete Record 1877-2011

Bolton Wanderers : the Complete Record 1877-2011

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"Bolton Wanderers The Complete Record" is the definitive record of the club since its formation in 1877 to 2011. It contains over 600 pages of club insight. A must for all Bolton fans.

The book covers all aspects of Bolton Wanderers history from the early days of the 1920s when they won the FA Cup three times to much more recent victories and losses.

The book details the history of a unique football club who survived not only the trials of war, but also a string of relegations through the seasons.

A personal and career biography of all managers is included, along with similar details of prominent players. This is a must-have for all true Wanderers fans.

This is the ultimate companion for fans young and old. Content will include up-to-date details of the 2010/2011 season.

About the Author

Simon Marland is the Club Secretary giving him unparalled access to all things Bolton Wanderers.

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