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John West

Battle of Gainsborough

Battle of Gainsborough

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Published : June 2021

ISBN: 9781780916187

eISBN: 9781781563250


The English Civil War was one of the bloodiest events in our history. It has been estimated that England suffered a 3.7% loss of population as a direct result of the conflict. The suffering in Scotland and Ireland was even greater with losses of 6% and 41% respectively. This is in contrast to the 3% of the British population that later died in the First World War!

'With an introduction by Professor Martyn Bennett, one of the world's leading experts on Oliver Cromwell.

Lincolnshire was torn apart during the bloody conflict as armies from both sides sought to gain control of the county. The market town of Gainsborough was very much on the front line at the outbreak of hostilities in 1642 and the years which followed would see Gainsborough fought over several times by both King and Parliament. It would also play a small but important part in the rise of the man who was to destined to replace Charles I as Head of State – Oliver Cromwell. 

In this volume, you will discover the events which led up to the English Civil War as well as a comprehensive history of the battle which saw Oliver Cromwell take on the might of a Royalist army. You will also find a guide to what remains of Gainsborough's Civil War past and the complete text of Cromwell's letter on the battle.

The Battle of Gainsborough 1643 is a must-read for students of Lincolnshire history and all those interested in Oliver Cromwell and the English Civil War.

'With an introduction by Professor Martyn Bennett, one of the world's leading experts on Oliver Cromwell.


 About the Author

John's interest in the English Civil War began as a child after he watched Cromwell, a film starring Richard Harris and Alec Guinness. He soon built up a sizeable collection of books on the subject and later joined the Cromwell Association, a society dedicated to promoting interest in Cromwell and his times. John lived in Lincolnshire for several years in the 1990s and often visited Gainsborough and the site of the battle. He decided to write about it and a book was published in 1992, Oliver Cromwell and the Battle of Gainsborough. Twenty years later John decided to return to the subject with a totally new account of the battle. The Battle of Gainsborough 1643, featuring an introduction by English Civil War historian and Cromwell expert, Professor Martyn Bennett is the result.

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