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Keith Dixon

Bad Blood - Birmingham City v Aston Villa - a biased Bluenose view of the rivalry.

Bad Blood - Birmingham City v Aston Villa - a biased Bluenose view of the rivalry.

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Bad Blood is a completely biased look at the second city football rivalry through the eyes of a Bluenose. It shows up all of the areas where Birmingham City outperform Aston Villa - the wins, the goals, the players. Great fun for Blues fans, not for Villa

As a BLUENOSE, Keith Dixon has spent his supporting life living in the shadows of Birmingham City’s arch enemy – Aston Villa. More titles, cups, seasons in the Premier league, bigger stadium, larger transfer deals, more books.

BAD BLOOD is intended to redress the balance – a totally biased record of every aspect of football in which THE BLUES “beat “THE VILE” – all the victories, all the statistics, all the players, all the ways the Blues are better than the claret and blue!

So what’s in the book for the BLUENOSE? – a report on every win over the Villa – every goal scored against the Villa – there are comments from Paul Tait and Robert Hopkins – with no punches pulled – and details of all players to have played for both clubs

Blues fans will buy the book as a record of our limited supremacy over the Villa, whilst Villa fans will buy it – to burn it! This is a history which denies fairness, extols bias and praises only the team that carries the city’s name!

About the Author

Keith Dixon was raised in Small Heath within a mile of St Andrew's and has supported the Blues since he was eight years of age.

His love of the Blues turned into a financial bonus for the club when as managing director of Triton Showers he agreed to be the shirt sponsors for three years in 1993.

He is a committee member of the Birmingham City Former Player's Association and helps raise funds by organising themed evenings with former players and managers.

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