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Peter Frazier

Almost an Athlete - The incredible achievements of a British Transplant Runner

Almost an Athlete - The incredible achievements of a British Transplant Runner

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At the age of 20, Peter's job as a probationary Police Constable, in Birmingham, came to a devastating end, when it was discovered, that he was suffering from kidney disease. This is the story of overcoming adversity to become an international athlete.

At 22, the condition deteriorated, to where he needed 30 hours of dialysis, a week. This led to a very restricted life style with a salt free diet, low fluid intake, and breaks away limited to where there was dialysis availability, for next 6 years.

After a successful kidney transplant, in 1978, Peter was soon competing in the domestic Transplant Games, and then representing Great Britain, in the World Transplant Games, 6 times, winning medals, including 2 golds.

Peter's local running club, which he had joined, happened to organise the first mass marathon in the country. In 1981, he became the first transplantee to run a marathon, followed by two more marathons that year.

He was involved with the Transplant Games for more than twenty years, being a member of the management committee, the Birmingham team manager, event organiser, and also as a competitor.

Born in Birmingham, in 1950, Peter moved around in my childhood, as his parents ran various pubs. His intention was to join the Police Force, which he did. Due to illness, he left the police, and took up a career in Procurement.

During his athletic career, post transplantation, he won eight medals, for Great Britain, for middle distance running, in the World Transplant Games. He also ran 7 marathons including the London twice, 1982 (and 1990.

In 2012, he carried the Olympic Torch, in the Parade, in Leamington Spa, which is close to where he now lives, in Warwick, with his wife, Gill. He is also a lifelong supporter of Birmingham City Football Club.

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