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James Coppinger

Ahead of the Game - The James Coppinger Story

Ahead of the Game - The James Coppinger Story

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James Coppinger’s football career spanned all four divisions, across a remarkable 24 years and 800 games. It’s a story of resilience and continuous improvement that promotes the importance of a professional mindset.

From the start it was a rollercoaster journey: a Sunday League amateur at 16; then signed by Premier League giants, Newcastle.  United at 17 before plunging down into non-league football at 21 as he drunk, gambled and became sucked into a loser’s mentality.  It looked like another sporting case of ‘what-might-have-been’ but Coppinger turned his career around in inspirational fashion, winning three promotions, playing at Wembley and becoming the all-time record appearance holder for Doncaster Rovers.

In this book you’ll find out the life-changing trigger for Coppinger’s transformation as he tells his story from the perspective of his increasingly professional mindset. His words will educate and inspire anyone who wants fulfill their potential. Coppinger’s story features a star-studded supporting cast that includes Sir Bobby Robson, Alan Shearer, Michael Jackson and Uri Geller! And that all comes before the behind-the-scene insights at his beloved Doncaster Rovers.

Included is a foreword by Sir Kenny Dalglish, who was James’ first manager during his time at Newcastle United. 

About the Author

James Coppinger is a professional footballer, largely at Doncaster Rovers, who played more than 800 games across 24 years. He is massively popular in Doncaster, but also across the football world due to his popularity amongst fellow pros and the media at large.  

Written in collaboration with award-winning sportswriter, John Carter.




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