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Derek Yarwood

A Vintage Casebook of Cheshire Crime

A Vintage Casebook of Cheshire Crime

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Cheshire is a county that is loved by locals and tourists alike, but like many places, it has its fair share of the dark side of life too. Murder and brutality, witchcraft, highway robbery, body-snatching are all there in this true crime anthology.

Cheshire: a county famous for its picture-postcard villages and venerable black-and-white country houses, for its cheese and salt and a certain smiling cat of classic children's literature; an aristocratic county once dubbed 'the seedplot of Gentility'.

But there's a darker side to this traditional image. Over the centuries, a steady procession of rogues, ruffians and cutthroats has left a black, and often bloody, imprint on the pages of Cheshire's history.

Murder and brutality, witchcraft, highway robbery, body-snatching...they're all in this fascinating, fully-documented true-crime anthology that recalls a turbulent period in Cheshire's past

A Vintage Casebook of Cheshire Crime is a revised and expanded edition, with many new illustrations, of the author’s first book published in 1991 under the title Outrages — Fatal & Other: A Chronicle of Cheshire Crime 1612-1912.

About the Author

Derek Yarwood is a career journalist with many years' experience, having worked on a number of newspapers in his home county of Cheshire. From 1987-1990 he was deputy editor of Cheshire Life magazine.

For much of the past three decades he has been researching and writing about the darker side of the county's history. His two previous books, Cheshire's Execution Files and A Vintage Casebook Of Cheshire Crime, both generated enthusiastic reviews.

He lives in the village of Barnton near Northwich with his wife Christine. The couple have two grown-up sons, three grandsons and four step-grandchildren.

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