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Ned Newitt

A People's History of Leicester, Vol 1

A People's History of Leicester, Vol 1

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The lives of ordinary people in Leicester have changed greatly over the last 150 years. During that time the people themselves and their organisations have played a significant part in achieving those changes.

This book presents a history of Leicester through the eyes of the Co-operative, Labour and Trade Union movements. It illustrates the long fight for democratic rights, social welfare and better hours and conditions.

It is a picture history which brings together images of Leicester working people and their social and political organisations to create a remarkable picture of the life of our grandparents and their parents.

The photographs and illustrations in the "People's History of Leicester" have been drawn from a wide variety of sources including the albums of local people and many long-forgotten publications. Some have never been published before.

It is tribute to those who cherished the vision of a better life for working people.This book offers a fascinating re-reading of Leicestershire history, seen through the eyes of those who were there.

About the Author

Ned Newitt was born in Southend-on-Sea in 1946. He studied at Cardiff College of Art and came to Leicester in 1971.

From 1984-2003, he was a Leicester City Councillor, holding various prominent positions, including Chair of the Housing Committee, responsible for both council housing and housing renewal.

He was made an honorary Alderman in 2007. In 1983, he initiated the Leicester Oral History Archive and has subsequently researched the development of council housing in Leicester.

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