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Brian C. George

A Journal of a Year in the Life of a Blue Badge Birder

A Journal of a Year in the Life of a Blue Badge Birder

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This is a book written by an expert with a lifetime of experience, designed to show disabled people the wonders of bird watching, with great tips and advice on the places to go, resources available and an enjoyable introduction to the subject

Brian George became a Blue Badge holder a little while ago and his mobility levels were much reduced. Walking 2/300 meters or so became a problem. He have been bird watching all my life, or so it seems and wanted to continue despite his lack of mobility.

How was he going to obtain maximum pleasure with minimum effort? He now had to call on all his past experience and knowledge to be channelled down what he will call the 'Easy route'.

He needed birds to come to him, which is highly unlikely, or get to them as close as possible. A car can make a good hide as long as you stay in it.

He started to set up a list of locations which fitted these criteria and used his map reading skills, such as they were, to locate others. This was the start of his journey. This book will help any Blue Badge Birder to follow their hobby too.

About the Author

Brian C. George has been interested in wildlife since he was 6 and started by collecting birds eggs and butterflies. This interest continued until he joined the RAF where he carried out bird ringing for Cairo Museum.

After working as a freelance journalist for several years, local radio came along in the 60's, where Brian presented a countryside programme on BBC Radio Birmingham for 3 years.

Now retired, Brian runs a bird study course at the Rosliston Forestry Centre. He is a member of the RSPB, the British Ornithologists Union, West Midland Bird Club, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and the NT.

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