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David Herd

1872 – Stories of Rangers Players of Yesteryear

1872 – Stories of Rangers Players of Yesteryear

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First Published : March 2022.   ISBN: 978-17809-16286

Rangers were formed in 1872 and in the 150 years since their birth have grown into one of the biggest and most successful football teams in the world.

1872 – Stories of Rangers Players of Yesteryear tells the stories of 72 players who played for Rangers between the 1870s and the 1950s. Some enjoyed successful careers at Ibrox, winning many trophies and being inducted into the club Hall of Fame.

Some are not in that Hall of Fame, but should be given their contribution to the club. Others were involved in historic occasions, some made a unique contribution to the club, and some were unsuccessful at Rangers but went on to fame elsewhere.

Regardless of their own individual story, every player had one thing in common,
they wore the Rangers colours. These stories are primarily aimed at fans
of Rangers, but can be enjoyed by supporters of any football club with an interest in the history of the beautiful game.

About the Author

David Herd is a lifelong Rangers supporter who has been attending matches since1968, and who developed a fascination with the club’s history.

For many years he has been writing online articles for the biggest Rangers fan messageboard on the internet, and he decided to turn this passion into his first publication after retiring from his job as a manager in a pharmaceuticals factory.

He lives in North Ayrshire with his wife, and has passed on his love of Rangers to their son.

Reviews and Media

Irvine Times - see picture two

Rangers 150 Year Anniversary Dinner - David was invited to speak at the dinner at Ibrox stadium and to talk about a few of the players in his book. Former players Willie Henderson and Gordon Smith were among the other speakers at the top table.

Picture three - The top table plus the organiser's family in the famous Blue Room. David is second from the left (holding the book), with Willie Henderson standing beside him and Gordon Smith extreme right.

Picture four - David handing over a signed book to a supporter along with Gordon Smith after signing it.

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