Have you been on a round the world trip? Or took the trans-Mongolian Express, or hiked to Macchu Picchu, or swum the Channel, or completed the National Three Peaks Challenge? Then you could have a story to tell. Travelogues are very popular and are a great way of telling people about what you did and how you did it, but also to inspire them to follow in your footsteps.

Talk about how you decided on doing the trip, what was your motivation, what your family thought, what you needed to do to prepare for it, including cost. Then talk about the trip itself, where did you go, who did you meet, what did you see and eat etc. The more you can bring out the atmosphere of the places you went, the better the book will be. A simple, ‘I went there. Then here….’ will not appeal.

The books need to be illustrated with things you bought, photos you took, and memorabilia you collected. Remember though that the inners will be in black and white, only the jacket is in colour.

Possible authors:

Charities – maybe an organisation that runs an annual Kilimanjaro trek could get a number of contributors.
Bloggers – people about to go on, or already on a trip of a lifetime.

See the Commissioning page for details on how to submit your idea.