Coaching and Health

Are you an expert in your sport? Have you been coaching for many years and would like to pass on your knowledge? Are you a nutritionist or a sports scientist? Maybe you’re a business coach or a fitness instructor?

Then this could be an area you would be interested in.

Depending on what you want to impart, the book could be a series of diagrams showing fitness poses or how to trap a football. It could be charts showing health stats, or graphs showing performance improvements.

You must though have some very good credentials for writing this book, and your credibility and ability to pass on your knowledge is more important than your writing skills.

This would suit anyone who runs or coaches in a gym or a sports club; someone who coaches or lectures on performance and health; or just a very enthusiastic amateur who has developed their own style and proved successful over many years.

See the Commissioning page for details on how to submit your idea.