Here Are 3 Reasons Why Fanzines Are Such Amazing Tools For Fans

Here Are 3 Reasons Why Fanzines Are Such Amazing Tools For Fans

As Martyn Ramsay points out in Revolution Rangers, ‘football fanzine culture had exploded into life in 1986,’ but what exactly are fanzines and why are they such amazing tools for fans? Read on to find out more…

1. Freedom 

At the heart of fanzines is the principle of free and creative expression. Away from the official, more censored merchandise, fanzines provide an unrestricted creative channel. The overall message is that anything goes.

 2. Creates A Sense Of Community

Fanzines allow people to interact with one another. They create a sense of community, where things can be shared and celebrated. This has expanded with the rise of the internet and social media. The digital world means fans can now engage with one another through websites and online forums.

3. Anyone Can Get Involved

Nothing is set in stone when it comes to fanzines. They can be about anything and everything and created by anybody. You don’t need to be part of an enormous publishing company to be able to be able to produce a fanzine. Instead, you have the opportunity to channel your creativity and passion in a personal, unique way.

For a taster of fanzines and the kinds of content they produce, check out the examples below:

An online fanzine dedicated to Rangers, Follow Follow is a place for fans to share and discuss both Rangers and other footballing news. Whether it’s transfer window rumours or sharing fan artwork, the forum is an online community for Rangers fans to engage with one another on any elements of their beloved club.

The independent football magazine When Saturday Comes was launched in 1986. They’ve expanded on such a scale that it has become a full-time business. Not only is it a magazine, but they also offer a podcast, produce merchandise and even sell illustrations of historic grounds from across the UK.

Gersnet is an independent Rangers fansite, founded in 2000. Their online museum provides fans with a range of articles that cover various elements of the club, from historic Rangers matches to club legends. Fans can also chat on the various online forums whether it’s sharing their passion for Rangers or more general football discussion, as well as listen to Gernset’s podcast on YouTube.

A Bigger Stage For Fanzines

As time and technology have progressed, so have fanzines. The digital world and social media have provided a whole new stage for these fan-focused products to utilise. The possibilities for fanzines continue to grow.

Do you want more insight into the phenomenon that is fanzines? Read more about them in Revolution Rangers. As Professor Graham Walker explains in his foreword, the book isn’t just an account of Rangers’ footballing fortune, it is also ‘richly informative on topics’ including ‘football supporters’ culture and the phenomenon of the ‘fanzines’.’ Order your copy here!


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