Pole Pole Up The Rongai – A Personal Account of a Kilimanjaro Trek

Pole Pole Up The Rongai – A Personal Account of a Kilimanjaro Trek

Author: Jeff Marshall

ISBN: 9781781561898

  • $3.00

The aim of this book is to use a diary account to capture the essence of the ‘real’ Kilimanjaro from the point of view of two ordinary travellers, and to describe the whole experience from start to finish.

‘Pole Pole’, (pronounced ‘poley, poley’) is Swahili for ‘Slow walk’, and this is the best and safest way to climb Kilimanjaro. Nothing should ever be hurried on Mount Kilimanjaro!

This is one tip from a highly personal account of an attempt to climb the highest mountain in Africa via the Rongai route. The book includes the preparation and decision process, the thoughts, the feelings and the emotions.

There are some great practical tips to share with others considering making the trip and that are useful, whichever route is chosen. This short 60 page ebook has over 40 colour photos to illustrate the majesty and beauty of Tanzania.

Note, all the author’s proceeds to be given to charity – The European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) and Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund).

About the Author

Jeff is absolutely NOT the sort of person who constantly dreams of exotic far-away places but he does love to travel and considers himself extremely fortunate to have seen some fantastic places around the world.

And he does love a challenge, so mixing travel with a challenge seemed like a good idea. Jeff lives in Nottingham, England with his wife, Caroline, and their two children, Laura and Daniel.

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