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Jim Brown

Pendell House, Blechingley, 1636-2016

Pendell House, Blechingley, 1636-2016

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Pendell House, Bletchingley, Surrey, is a 1636 Grade 1 listed building, one of only a handful of houses attributed to Inigo Jones, England’s renowned first classical architect, that is still inhabited as a private house. This is its story.

It is noteworthy that the smaller staircase in the Queen’s House, one of the earliest examples of an ‘open’ staircase with no central support, is similar to that in Pendell House, lending credence to the suggestion that Inigo Jones was involved.

Until Inigo Jones, ‘Tudor’ was the dominant style for even the grandest of houses, as the classical architectural ideas following the Renaissance had not reached England. Although an imposing building its detailed history has never before been published.

Extensive research has been carried out, resulting in accounts of the many families who have owned the house over the centuries, including Glyd/Glid; Amhurst, Pellatt, Jelfe, Biscoe, Perkins, Kenrick, Mott, Sturge, Scott, Driscoll & Hesketh families.

The author, whose family lived in Pendell House from 1997 to 2005, had unrivalled access and his interior photographs, including views of the impressive garden, together with those from an earlier period, are published for the first time.

About the Author

Jim Brown is a local author and researcher with a passion for Southampton's history. A former detective with the Southampton City Police, he has lived and worked in the city all of his life.

In retirement he has devoted himself to investigating the city's past. As a leading member of the Bitterne Local History Society he has written and contributed to several books and booklets.


For more information on Jim Brown and other books he has written, please see his 'Meet our Author's' page:


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