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Brian Belton

Albion's Rock

Albion's Rock

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‘Albion’s Rock’ is a swift moving novella, a fictional political thriller, playing out the adage ‘be careful what you wish for’. This is the first part of a series based around the main character, politician and power broker Sheagle Wright.

At the same time, the work implicates elements that challenge conventional political thinking with the aim of rising to contemporary debates about the nature of Englishness.

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The book begins with the election of the first Liberal government in modern times and Prime Minister Sheagle Wright. Almost immediately she begins the transformation of Britain into a democratic association of independent countries.

At the same time, the English Government challenge the authority of the newly formed United States of Europe via a belligerent assertion of traditional relations with Gibraltar.

The situation quickly escalates into armed conflict. Mystery, love interest, intrigue and international scale blackmail ensue that leaves Spain, Europe and the USA in turmoil, unable to act given England’s entrenched position.

About the Author

Like so many West Ham supporters Brian Belton was born only five minutes walk from the club ('I heard 'em cheering in me cradle'). As a teenager Brian worked primarily to support his habit of following West Ham around England.

In his twenties the Mayflower Centre shanghaied him to work with young people in the Canning Town area. Brian was now a youth worker and eventually was persuaded/ bullied/ bribed into taking a professional qualification with the YMCA College in London.

He gained a degree at City University and then became a Senior Youth and Community worker in Islington, whilst gaining a Masters Degree at Essex. He has published over 50 books, mainly on football.

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