Better Than Messi - The Story of Georgi Kinkladze

Better Than Messi - The Story of Georgi Kinkladze

Author: David Clayton

ISBN: 9781780916040

  • £14.99

Published 2020

"Better than Messi? Quite a statement and one that is likely to be shot down in flames … but for Manchester City fans there was a time when Georgi Kinkladze was simply  unplayable. In fact, as a 21-year-old, he was supremely gifted and for a player who modelled his game on Diego Maradona, he brought a unique talent to the Premier League.

Some of his dribbling, passing and vision was on a different plane and, at the time, he was as good as anyone on the planet, if not better. Better Than Messi is his story, and also his journey from Georgia to City and beyond. His story, reminiscent of Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince, reveals how his loyalty to a fan-base who idolised him undoubtedly affected his career adversely. A fascinating tale of a truly gifted footballer. "

About the Author

David Clayton is the author of many books on Manchester City.

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