Circle Walker

Circle Walker

Author: Phillip Brown

ISBN: 9781780916217

  • £12.99

Published May 2021

Circle Walker is novella which makes for compelling reading. It deals with the present-day plight of Native Americans and addresses issues of poverty, social deprivation, colour, racial prejudice and equality. It is set in 20th century USA but the questions raised are enduringly universal in time and place.

The story of Luke Benson, otherwise known as Circle Walker, concerns the plight of Native Americans in general, but, in particular, the Lakota Sioux resident on the Pine Ridge Reservation of South Dakota. This novella draws attention to the conditions of abject socio- economic deprivation in which they are expected to subsist, conditions which have recently been to some limited extent observed in the media by the resentment felt by Native Americans for the government’s alleged neglect in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The history of Luke Benson raises further questions of current and universal interest concerning racial prejudice, the Black Lives Matter Movement,  and the dangers inherent in the American establishment’s repeated attempts at ‘red-white’ assimilation, the essential issue being how to achieve complete and meaningful racial equality while at the same time preserving the integrity of ethnic cultural identity and authenticity.    

About the Author         

P R Brown studied Philosophy at University College, Swansea, and gained his doctorate at St John’s College, Cambridge.  He is the author of several books, both fiction and non-fiction, each title dealing with issues of current and profound socio-cultural importance.  His motivation to write stems from his persistent belief that one essential genre of literature, still he hopes extant, must concern itself with the unpopular activity of critical thinking and appraisal.


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